This web site has been a lot of things over the years.  When it started out, it had a completely different domain name, and was mostly a low-rent copycat of BoingBoing (are they still a thing?).  Eventually, I got sick of linking to things and, eventually, MySpace and Facebook came along to make that much more efficient anyway.  And I began posting some of my writing here.

That turned into an incredibly useful tool with which I could vent my anger.  And there was a LOT of anger.  As I continued to write, I continued to get better at it.  After a while, I outgrew the Angry Young Man bullshit and my writing staggered around like a drunk, not sure which way home was.  Eventually, I figured out that not everything needed to be an emphatic declaration of displeasure, and I started dabbling with short fiction and flash (even shorter!) fiction.  Most of which sucked balls but hey, you keep at it.

In 2012, I went back to college and it was there that I discovered poetry.  Not the frilly shirt Wordsworth shit you’re thinking of, but actual poetry.  Poetry that was vital, that mattered.  Poetry that screamed at the top of its lungs and wore its heart on its sleeve.  Poetry that defined the time and place in which we live.  So I started writing it.

It is now August, 2014, and in a bit less than a month, I’ll begin work on my MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry).  And what exactly will I do with that, you ask?

Most likely, I’ll write a bunch of poetry. Not all of us make decisions with our wallets, you know.

And, some of it will get posted here, along with whatever else piques my interest, on the same whenever-I-get-around-to-it publishing schedule.

In the meantime, here you are.  Poke around a bit, see if there’s anything that appeals to you.  The tone has definitely changed a bit from the old days.  If you were visiting in the old days (and, actually, even if you weren’t).  I hope you enjoy what you read.  If you don’t…well, I disabled the comments section for a reason.

-Tim Hatch
August 27, 2014