This is an interesting article on e-mail security by the inventor of Sendmail.  Not interesting because e-mail security is interesting, but interesting because its just fucking preposterous how goddamn stupid everyone is.  The article states that 3.5 million idiots gave their personal information to phishers last year, doubling the number of idiots who did the same thing the year before.

“Because of this, most individuals and companies have little trust in their e-mail systems…”

How fucking lame.  If I put my hands in my oven until they’re golden-brown and useless, do I no longer trust my oven?  Why are viruses and phishers not a problem for me?  And why does anyone care that stupid people get scammed out of their money?  These are the same people that used to pass along chain letters and give donations to fake charities back in the 70’s (Which, by the way, took *way* more effort on their part than any modern-day scam requires.  I mean, to pass along a chain letter back then, a person actually had to make 20 photocopies of the letter and then purchase 20 envelopes and 20 stamps and then mail the goddamn things out.).  Back then we all laughed at how fucking stupid those people were.  Now we’re spending a fuck-ton of money developing digital signatures so simpletons and the elderly won’t unwittingly give out their social security numbers to exiled African princes.  Does anyone else feel like the world was shifted into reverse when you weren’t paying attention?

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