Heavy Sigh

For the record, I really don’t give a shit what side of the argument you’re on.  Personally, I think health care reform is a good idea, but there are totally valid reasons not to proceed with the current health care bill, not the least of which is how we’re going to pay for it.  But if you believe in Death Panels, you’re a fucking idiot, you’re distracting from any kind of rational conversation, and you’re an embarrassment to your country.


Tim Hatch lives in a secret volcano headquarters somewhere in the South Pacific, where he controls the world economy and writes confessional poetry about his disappointing childhood.

His poetry has been published in MungBeing, East Jasmine Review, The Pacific Review, The Vehicle, Touch: The Journal Of Healing, Apeiron Review, and he is the recipient of the 2014 Felix Valdez Award.

He finds writing about himself in the third person to be an overtly seductive invitation to tell lies.

He once captured a French Eagle at Talavera.

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