It's A Really Scary Time For America Right Now

My good friend Bella, who is an incredibly wonderful person and one of my favorite people (just thought I’d mention it) sent me this video with one word of text to accompany it:  Painful.  And she’s right, as you can see for yourself:

There are so many things that immediately come to mind when I watch this.  The first thing I thought while watching this was, “This is why Sarah Palin is so fucking popular.”  And seriously, I have a hard time telling the difference between Palin and this woman.  I’m assuming you’ve watched the video at this point, but if you haven’t, please do.  Is it nine minutes later?  Good.  Now, isn’t the way she “answers questions” eerily similar to the way Palin “answered questions” during the Katie Couric interviews with all the smiling and vague talking around the question and “not wanting to get into that” or “not wanting words put in her mouth”?  The 2012 elections are something that already scare the shit out of me.

Another thing that came to mind is, “Why the fuck is this person on television?”  I’m sure she’s a good wife and a good mother and those are – I’m serious about this – very important things.  But those qualities don’t qualify her as someone whose opinion I’m interested in.  I’m a good fucking awesome husband (and smart as a whip!) and trust me when I say that literally nobody should care what I think about health care reform.  And would you like to know why?  Because I don’t know enough about it to have an opinion that matters.  I know that putting the well being of the American people into the hands of insurance companies – who are legally obligated to maximize profit – is one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had (because money shouldn’t be a concern when discussing a person’s health).  And that’s about all I know.  And I’d like to point out that that statement is 100% opinion.  Which means that, while I discuss health care reform quite a bit these days, I’m the last person anyone should be paying attention to when it comes to forming their own opinion.

Haha, I said, “forming their own opinion.”  Oh God, I’m funny.

And here’s another thing.  Remember the start of the clip where Ms. Abram is at the town hall meeting and she’s yelling and gesturing and is filled with righteous indignation while Arlen Specter just limply stands there?  Right.  Well, see, that’s completely fucked, and it’s something that simply never would have happened twenty, thirty, forty years ago.  That isn’t because twenty, thirty, forty years ago we were living in some mythical golden age where people tucked their shirts in and said “please” and “thank you”.  It’s because people tend to take their cues from the media, and twenty, thirty, forty years ago, the media wasn’t telling us all to act like spoiled fucking children.  For the entirety of this country’s history, we’ve had political debate in various media, be it print, radio, television, or worldwide web.  And while I hesitate to claim that the vast majority of that debate has been respectful or even intelligent, I will absolutely claim that it’s only been in the last fifteen years or so that people have been screaming and shouting like a bunch of assholes instead of rationally explaining their position.  And if, twenty, thirty, forty years ago, a normal citizen was afforded the opportunity to meet and converse with one of his or her elected leaders, there would have been only respectful, polite conversation.  Today, however, we have a room full of fucking primates embarrassing themselves.  Thank you, Rush Limbaugh, you miserable goddamn [REDACTED].

And lastly, while watching this video, I thought to myself, “Fucking idiot democrats.”  The Republicans really are better at this whole thing.  If you want to sell something to the American people, you don’t hold fucking town hall meetings and try to explain things to them with facts.  That just opens you up for attack.  If you want to sell something to the American people, you offer them a $300 tax credit, a sack of blowjobs, and a guaranteed five seconds of bare naked titties on every third episode of American Idol.  All of your facts don’t add up to a hill of shit.  Hell, you could convince us to go to war with our grandmothers for titties and blowjobs.  That’s why this page that rationally explains health care reform (sorry, health insurance reform) will never work.

I was talking politics with my dad a few days ago and one of the things he kept repeating was, “I don’t know, Tim, it’s a really scary time for America right now.”  Yeah, no kidding.


Tim Hatch lives in a secret volcano headquarters somewhere in the South Pacific, where he controls the world economy and writes confessional poetry about his disappointing childhood.

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