Schwarzenegger To Domestic Violence Victims: Lick My Sack

So, I was reading a recent post on a buddy’s blog wherein he expressed his outrage over Governor Schwarzenegger eliminating all of the state funding for domestic violence shelters.  To say that I find this news upsetting is a serious understatement.  If you live in California, Stop Family Violence has an action alert you can check out here.  In addition to using that form, I wrote a second email to Schwarzenegger, mostly because I hate form mail and believe in expressing myself using my own words:

I appreciate the considerably difficult position that Governor Schwarzenegger is in regarding the budget and the economic crisis our state is in, but I know in my heart that there has to be a better way to cut government spending than by cutting 100% of the funding for domestic violence shelters and centers throughout California.  There simply HAS to be more wasteful spending within our current budget.

Does Governor Schwarzenegger realize that these shelters are sometimes the difference between life and death for the victims of domestic violence?  Does he realize that if these shelters are forced to close, that people will literally die?  Does he not realize that the ultimate obligation of the state is to protect it’s citizens and that, if the state cannot do so, that it is functionally useless?

Find your soul, Governor Schwarzenegger, and then find the money to fund these programs.  Do what is right and earn your position as our elected leader.

I then sent a copy of this email to all of my representatives in the state legislature and told them that if they didn’t do something to fix this that I’d actively campaign for whoever opposes them in the next election.  And while I’m usually quite loathe to tell people what to do, you should too.  This is bullshit.


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