I think Daniel Tosh is an unfunny (it’s a word) idiot.  I’ve thought that for as long as I’ve been aware of him.  I think his show, Tosh.0, is astoundingly shitty.  I actually watched an entire episode of it once, while packaging a shit ton of comic books for an eBay auction.  It was fucking horrible.  Which is weird because I’ve been told by so many people that he’s hysterical and that his show is funny and that I, especially, would love it, because it’s exactly my style of humor.  I swear to God, I’ve been told that by at least a half dozen people, some of them friends.  I don’t understand why anyone would think I would appreciate Tosh or his stupid clip show but, more importantly, I think it’s pretty obvious they don’t understand me.  Which is fine, most people don’t need to.

The reason I’m bringing this up, of course is because of the whole rape “joke” thing that’s been the latest cause of internet-based outrage this week.  I’d like to take just a second to write an open letter to the internet people:

Dear Internet People-

Fuck off, you whiny cunts.  Like you haven’t been making n***** jokes in YouTube comment threads for the last seven years, you fucking hypocrites.



Back to fucking Tosh.  I don’t think the fact that he made a joke about rape is any sort of proof of my opinion that he’s an unfunny twat.  I think the fact that he’s an unfunny twat is proof of that.  Everyone whining about this shit on the internet can piss off.  The only people I’d like to hear from are the people who were actually in the room when the alleged “joke” was made.  Because I have a strong hunch that the cause of the woman’s outrage wasn’t that Tosh was telling a joke about rape so much as that he wasn’t being funny about it.  If he’d been funny I don’t think she’d have had the time to be offended.

I’ve read two articles and a dozen or so tweets about this whole thing and I’m already sick to fucking death of it.  This is pretty much the only intelligent thing I’ve read about the incident and it kind of coincides with the statements I made above.  Totally worth reading:

What Is A “Rape Joke,” Anyway?


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