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America, 2036

In my vision I’m sitting on my couch, watching television with a faceless child, one of several in my ever-growing tribe.  We’re watching another mediocre clip show called I Love the Twentyteens.  Each episode is apparently broken down by year

Thesis Stress…

…and other good problems.  I don’t think 2016 was even two weeks old when I got the news that my good friend Gregory Toliver had died.  Gregory was another complicated genius I was fortunate enough to know, and with his

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Who’s The Troll?

“Don’t feed the trolls.”  Once in a while, I apparently have to be reminded what a great piece of advice that is.  I’m at a point in my life where my writing is, once again, my only source of therapy,

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 60 “Plot Holes” You Need To Calm The Fuck Down About

Before I begin, two things.  First, obviously, this is going to be saturated with spoilers, so if that’s going to ruin your day, please stop reading now.  Second, these articles were written by some guy named Seth Abramson.  They are

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Poet’s Wife at a Poetry Reading

Maroon, hard-ass plastic chairs arranged, in haphazard semi-circle around The Podium, discount chardonnay and store-bought sweets “breathe” on a folding table. I am not a poet I do not speak       in soliloquy, rhyme, metaphor, or simile. I do not speak       in the

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