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Mythological Bureaucracy

To schedule a city inspection with Ontario, you have to call a number that only lets you leave a voicemail.  The outgoing message says to leave your address and phone number and nothing else and then beeps at you, expecting

Love & Rockets

I was going to write this a couple weeks ago but getting the hour or two of free time has been difficult. And I just realized I haven’t posted anything in over ten days so I’ve decided to simply do

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Life With The Grammar Nazi

I hate pedantic motherfuckers that always correct my parts of speech, she said. I raised one eyebrow a bit and put on my best “Look at me, I’m a prick” smirk. Are you sure you don’t hate pedantic motherfuckers who

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The Last Few Years

Hey look, I’m not dead!  Yesterday I posted a shit ton of (like 16) poems to the site, which I’ll talk about in a minute.  Prior to that, however, I hadn’t posted anything since seeing PACIFIC RIM six months ago. 

Morning Routine

The hair dryer wakes me. She’s already showered and fed the dog. She rushes in sending the towel crumpling to the bed and begins to dress. The bra goes on. I wince, knowing I could never get my arms behind