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Growing Up Cold is a not-very-subtle reference to the cold war, which served as the political backdrop for the first 20+ years of my life. These stories are 100% true, save for the parts that are totally made up and all the names I changed so I wouldn’t get sued.

My Grandma Mary

I just found this on Facebook this morning.  It’s a picture of my Grandmother Mary and my brothers and sister and I.  My youngest brother, Eric (the one looking at me adoringly), appears to be less than a year old,

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New Year's

The last two months have been obscenely busy.  I have three things that are half written and half a dozen others that I just wrote a one-sentence idea for and left it at that (one of them being an outrageously

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8th Grade Unity

Before I begin, I feel obligated to clarify something:  This is not a story of how cool I was when I was a kid.  Nor is it a story that glorifies or celebrates my shitty behavior (actually, it might celebrate

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