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I Miss You All

I started writing this over two years ago.  I just discovered it sitting around, under “drafts” and took a look.  It was originally titled “John Fuckin’ Harrelson,” but reading it over, it’s about all the people I’d recently lost. John

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Jerome died last week.  There was a point in time when I would have called him my best friend or even my brother.  I’m older now, though, and I don’t have romantic notions of friendship like I used to.  I

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Ben Hur Hug

I’m going to switch things up a little and start off with the tangent and then finish with what I originally wanted to write about.  Just for kicks. Back in the early nineties I was in college and taking a

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My grandmother died yesterday.  Last October 20, my grandfather passed away after a very painful week in the hospital and several months of steady decline.  He was married to my grandmother for over 67 years when he passed away and

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My Grandfather passed away last night. Yesterday was the first good day he’d had after a week of excruciating pain. I’d rather he be gone than in pain. And I’d rather he be gone than in serious decline, the way

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